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Mindfulness, Deep Breathing, and Zen Tread

Mindful breathing is a critical skill.
I know that each breath contains life.
Beyond that I also know that my health, my brain, and my body’s overall functioning rely heavily on breathing as well as I am able.
I know that my ability to problem solve, center thoughts, process memories, soothe emotional responses, focus attention, and maintain interpersonal connections improves as I tune myself into each breath that I take.
I recognize breathing as a critical component to regulating the processes of the limbic system, which is a “group of brain structures that work together” sharing responsibility for emotions, memory, fight-flight-freeze responses, autonomic nervous system functioning, motivation, and a host of others. It is by all understanding the “control center” or the linkage between cognitive and biological, mind and body.
I know that breathing keeps me afloat and when I am not able to envision an outcome, when I am struggling with a challenge, or when I am exhausted, I tune my attention into breathing. I then allow myself to breathe, listen, feel, hear, see, and ultimately be for as long as I am able.
Then I move on.

Mindfulness, Deep Breathing, and Zen Tread: Text
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